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All go at the front of the pack between Tiki Tour and Yealands Family Wines

Tuesday 28th February 2017

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Yealands Family Wines (31) looked determined and rather chipper when they came through TA9 transition at just before 8am this morning.
They’ve been fairly close on the heels of Tiki Tour (13) the whole race, sometimes getting within minutes of the leaders.
On Stage 9 alpine trek ‘Eyre Mountains’ Tiki Tour (13) made some great ground on them, taking a slightly different route and keeping up a smoking pace.
Yealands Family Wines (31) had a quick kip just after sunset, but otherwise went straight through the night.
“It’s been an awesome course and we’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been fantastic,” said Dan.
He admitted taking a punt doesn’t always go the team’s way, but “that’s the nature of racing.”
It was a great lift for the team having family and friends to welcome them into Kingston, as they got on onto the water for the tenth and final stage, the 47km kayak on Lake Wakatipu to Frankton.
They are racing for the finish line, hunting down Tiki Tour and trying to take some time out of them.
Currently Yealands Family Wines (31) is approximately two hours behind Tiki Tour (13).
Tiki Tour (13) is expected to cross the finish line on the shores of Frankton Bay, Lake Wakatipu, at 11am or just after.