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Wednesday 28th February 2018

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By Annabelle Latz
The level of success and enjoyment of GODZone is equal to how well our adventure racers keep themselves safe and uninjured.
A few key points at the race briefing this morning from Event Director Warren Bates, and Race Director Adam Fairmaid set everyone in the right direction.
Careful footing was one of the first safety points driven home, because what looks like moss on a solid track in the depth of the night in Fiordland wilderness, may likely be treacherous knee twisting and ankle tearing mayhem.
Another tip was to consider the slow trekking times, especially along waterways; a two kilometre backtrack may take two hours.
There’s a lot of rivers and lakes in this race, so then came water safety.
“Rivers in Fiordland go up fast, and they go down fast. If it’s too high to cross, just sit it out, you won’t be waiting for long,” said Adam, who knows every nook and cranny of this playground like the back of his hand.
“And on the river rapids, pick the inside of the curve to avoid obstacles,” he said.
And don’t let your paddle go!
The priority for everyone involved in GODZone is safety, and Warren couldn’t express enough the importance for everyone looking after themselves.
“If that means taking a couple of minutes to apply more plasters or cream, do so. Stop, sort it out,” he said, adding that there won’t be any foot massages from the medical teams at Transitions.
There was no doubt from these two men that GODZone is going to be a wikid adventure, if you have fun and keep safe.
“There’s lots of comradery out there – it’s a little bit like the New Zealand version of going to war,” said Adam.
Competitors were reminded that the magical spot of Fiordland is pest free and clean, and to keep it this way.
“It will look the same when we leave, and no one will know we’ve been here,” said Warren.