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A potential creative twist for Mrs Forne’s Boys

Monday 27th February 2017

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By Annabelle Latz

Facebook has alluded to a ‘cunning plan’ by Mrs Forne’s Boys, (27) and it will be interesting to see whether this pack raft plan is executed.

A touch of creative licence may be unravelled when they reach Stage 8 mountain bike Via Greenstone.

A section of the 110km ride provides the option to either circumnavigate around the heads of Lake Wakatipu around Hidden Island, or head up and over Afton Saddle. The former option is much flatter and arguably shorter, but entails a path much less worn and rocky shores. The latter option provides teams a good track, but includes a mighty 1200m climb and some river crossings.

On Mrs Forne’s Boys (27) Facebook page, someone has posted a map photo indicating the team will take the circumnavigation option, but add the creative twist of putting a pack raft in the lake where the marked track ends; potentially cutting out some very tricky and time consuming biking. We are not sure what the Race Director thinks of that option!!!!

Ian Edmond, course advisor for GODZone said competitors at this stage of the race will be battling sore feet due to so much water contact, (walking with wet feet in water clogged shoes for long periods of time can be very blister conducing) since Saturday morning, so having to carry bikes for parts of Stage 8 in their mountain bike shoes could be painful.

In addition, gorse and matagouri bush pose puncture threats.

“Whether they go the Afton Saddle, or around the shore, could be could be a pivotal decider in the final placings,” he said.

Mrs Forne’s Boys (27) is in sixth place currently, on Stage 6 navigating the 21km Mt Crichton Alpine Trek.

Two sleeps in the past two days would have certainly helped maintain energy levels and high spirits.

Tim Farrant of Mrs Forne’s Boys (27) said his team, from Christchurch and Queenstown, was in good form when he chatted to the GODZone media team yesterday morning.

“It’s all going the way we want it to,” he said.