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A key bit of rest aids a strong start for Day Three

Monday 27th February 2017

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It’s another picture perfect day ahead for Day Three for Chapter 6 of GODZone.

Tiki Tour (13) is still in the lead amongst the Pure teams, after a night of hiking Mt Crichton and kayaking on Lake Wakatipu.

Currently in Stage 8, the Via Greenstone mountain bike phase, the team is now tackling a 110km journey from Buckler Burn Reserve in Glenorchy, to Half Way Bay Station in Half Way Bay.

Yealands Family Wines (31) is close behind, exiting Lake Wakatipu at day break, with Swordfox (17) in third place.

Amongst the Pursuits,Virbac Animal Health (74) has a massive lead on the Stage 8 the mountain, feeling fresh after a three hour sleep at Glenorchy.

Best Foot Forward (83) has a strong hold on second place, while Squashed Bananas (84) has taken its newly acclaimed spot of third place, overtaking Team Silky (79).

The lead teams in both competitions have managed a refreshing sleep overnight, mainly around the end of the kayak at TA6.