8th Day of Race

Posted on 2018-03-09

As the 8th day of race kicks in its clear teams have discovered expedition racing at GODZone provides real adventure and many days on their feet.
Over half of the 92 teams that started last Thursday have arrived at the finish line in Te Anau but there are still plenty more to arrive.
All teams are through TA3 to Rarakau and TA4 at West Arm on Lake Manapouri.
4 teams are moving through to Supply Bay on the Pursuit, short and unranked course while 11 full course teams are on the final trekking leg over the Kepler Mountains and kayak leg to Te Anau.
Comments from teams at the finish line sum up their experience of Fiordland.
” Teamwork got us through, unbelievable tough race but the location is stunning, amazing scenery like nothing we have ever experienced before, a race that will go down in history for its unforgettable landscapes.”

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